Hawker 700 Thrust Reverser Removal

AOG Aircraft Service, Inc. is the exclusive STC Holder for the removal of thrust reversers from your Hawker 700.

Yes. They can be removed.

Why remove the reversers from the Hawker 700?

Performance: The performance of the aircraft is diminished significantly. As a result, the aircraft cannot gain altitude as quickly as a Hawker without reversers. This affects the length of the runway needed to take off. The reversed Hawker burns more fuel and takes longer to gain altitude. The reversed Hawker has 248 pounds less useful load than a Hawker without reversers. That weight accounts for one passenger with baggage.

Noise: The Hawker 700 with reversers does not meet Stage lll noise requirements. This bans all Hawker 700’s with reversers from airports in the United States and at most airports in Europe. Airports throughout the US has banned stage II aircraft.

Value: The current average resale value of a Hawker 700 with reversers is $200,000 less than one without. The maintenance cost per hour for a Hawker with reversers is 12% higher. The additional fuel burn per year is significant!

How much down time will the Hawker thrust reverser removal take?

Down time is only 14-16 working days.

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